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Jack Canon's American Destiny

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Author Interview - Greg Sandora @gregsandora


What is your favorite quality about yourself?

I’m able to stay with something until it’s completed.

What are some of the challenges Jack faces in “Jack Canon’s American Destiny”?

The current President does not want Jack to succeed, and throws up every roadblock imaginable.

What is your main character Jack Canon’s favorite color?


Is there a villain in your book? What is the villain’s reasons for struggling against the protagonist?

Billionaire Gene Hobbs, a man so eccentric he has a collection of artifacts of torture from the reign of King Henry, leads a worldwide cabal of greed.  Hobbs turns on Jack.  One interesting fact complicates the plot – Hobbs daughter falls in love with the candidate.

What is your favorite food?

My wife makes the best Meatballs this side of heaven.

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Genre – Political Thriller

Rating – PG

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  1. Thanks for hosting, here's an excerpt from the Sexy, Romantic Sequel, Jack Canon's Women of the House -

    Sandy couldn’t help herself, “Jack, the old man’s crazy as a bed bug. Tip showed no fear. I would’ve cried if I saw all those masks. Just the thought of those helpless young girls in all that pain.”
    As Tip was kicking in the five hundred year old thick-planked wooden door I stopped the disk. “You know what Tip taught me, Honey? Fear is a choice.”
    Sandy sat up turning to look at me, “Not for me it’s not! When I hear something in the night. Gosh, Jack, even when my hand sticks out a little over the bed. I get scared. Sometimes for no reason at all. I like to be cozy - under the covers safe.”
    I pulled Sandy close, “Honey, you’re a girl. The government brainwashed the fear out of him. There’s so many bad people in the world. Guys like Tip are trained to kill those that would do us harm. Besides, we have two details protecting you when you’re not in the White House.”
    “I know, Jack.”
    “The part I wanted you to see is just ahead. Ready?”
    Sandy nodded sad-like, pouting her lower lip, “I’m ready, Jack, I want to see...