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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Orangeberry Free Alert - £6.19 per Witching Hour by Joanna Mazurkiewicz

£6.19 per Witching Hour - Joanna Mazurkiewicz

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Genre - Paranormal Romance

Rating - PG13

4.4 (7 reviews)

Free until 30 June 2013

Julia Taylor works as a recruitment consultant for Paranormal Personnel in London. Her days at work seem normal. She sees clients that regularly are looking for work; she searches for new vacancies, updates CVs and visits employers.
Everything is pretty ordinary for her, apart from the fact that Julia is half elf and Paranormal Personnel is not an ordinary recruitment agency at all because all jobless supernatural creatures come to the agency to look for work. Fairies, vampires, witches, hags, wizards, mermaids, elves, giants and trolls, they all need to find employment, and during this economic climate, this seems pretty challenging.
Julia doesn’t want her life to be complicated, but when her day is interrupted by the shapeshifter with the chain saw, she just has to deal with him as she always does. She is normally calm, confident and is not afraid to stand up for herself, but when the meeting with Nathaniel’s Corporation goes not as well as she had hoped, she wants to bury herself under the ground and die.
Then, to make matters worse, Mr. La Caz gets under her skin, lighting up a fire inside her. She accidentally reads his thoughts and learns that he craves her; he wants to suck her dry, but she is convinced that he is not even a vampire.

Orangeberry Book of the Day – 100 Powerful & Proven Money Making Ideas by Craig Randall

Over 100 Money Making Ideas!

Want To Make Extra Money? Work For Yourself? Get Control Of Your Financial Life?

It all starts with one idea. That is all you need to get started today with changing the rest of your life.

In “Powerful and Proven Money Making Ideas” you will learn what Craig Randall took months to learn when he set out on this same quest of his own.

Change Your Finances Forever and for the Better

Being able to work for yourself, being an entrepreneur, or just needing to earn some extra part-time income can be a life changer for many people. But where do you begin?

The simple truth is that you need to start somewhere. Take that first step. And for most, the first step is discovering what are the opportunities available.

This book is a compilation of over 100 different ideas that can help you find the path for changing your financial future.

Real Ideas for Real People That Require Little to No Money

This is an idea book and as you read it, you will see that the author tried to get as many ideas out to you as possible. In fact, most of these do not require any money to start with, often they do not require any special knowledge or skill, and every one of them is a proven concept. That is, real people actually make a living out of each of them. Most importantly, they are occupations where you can be your own boss, if that is what you want. The author does not promise the world, and does not tell you how to start or run a business, but he does deliver over 100 ideas for less than a cup of coffee.

With over 100 ideas this book is for:
- Stay-at-home parents looking for part-time extra income
- Someone who is unemployed and needs quick income
- Anyone who wants to be in business for themselves
- People with big dreams but have little to no money
- Do-it-yourselfers who do not want to be held back
- Anyone unhappy in their current job
- Someone who wants control over their income and future

…And basically anyone who wants to have financial security in the current economy.

Discover Over 100 Ideas for Making Money

Inside this guide you’ll discover:

- Unique ideas for making money such as being an “Hauntrepreneur” or a “Marriage Officiant”

- Self-employed occupations that can pay a lot more than you think such as gardeners who make more than $60,000 a year

- Ways to make money by working outside, working in the kitchen, working with animals, using your phone, using your car, helping others, writing, and dozens of other ideas

- Examples of real people who had creative ideas and made a fortune out of them such as the candle maker who started in his garage and ended up selling his candle making business for $500 million!

- Ideas that normal people can do without requiring special education, degrees, skills, or money. These are income ideas that anyone can take advantage of!

Tips to get started
Brainstorming ideas about how one idea leads to another
The author also provides thought provoking ideas as to how to get started for some of the proven concepts.

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Genre – NonFiction / Business

Rating – PG

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Orangeberry Free Alert - Artful Dodger - Nageeba Davis

Artful Dodger - Nageeba Davis

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Genre - Romantic Suspense

Rating - PG13

4.8 (14 reviews)

Free until 30 June 2013

Romantic Suspense trilogy with the irrepressible, irreverent Maggie Kean!

Take one funny, wise-cracking artist, one gorgeous, sexy detective, throw in a grizzly murder, a little amateur sleuthing, and you have the makings of a wild, romantic, mis-adventure.

Art teacher and sculptor, Maggie Kean, thought she was having a rotten day--burning her toast, stubbing her toe, all before eight in the morning. Things just couldn't get any worse. At least, not until she discovers her neighbor's dead body in her front yard. And it didn't stop there. Before she can claim her innocence, Maggie becomes the primes suspect in the investigation. Now all she has to do is evade the police, clear her name, trap a killer...and deal with one mouth-watering, hunky detective who drives her crazy while making her hormones do the happy dance!

Author Interview – Dean F Wilson

How has your upbringing influenced your writing? My parents bought me a computer for my 12th birthday, which helped my writing a lot. When we were picking it out the guy in the store offered us a choice between a gaming PC and one with Microsoft Word. I wanted the latter, which, in retrospect, is an unusual choice for a child.

All my life experiences, including my family life and childhood, have had a bearing on who I am, and thus has, by extension, influenced my writing in some manner.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated? I was fascinated by language as a child (and still am), and when I was quite young some teachers commented on my ability to form unusual sentences. I think that was the beginning for me. I worked on many stories throughout my childhood, including my first novel when I was 11. That early experience helped me hone my craft over the years, and keep the flame of inspiration burning.

When and why did you begin writing? When I was a young child, to express who I am, communicate to the world, transform lives (in subtle, but potentially overt, ways), and simply to play with the language, with words as my toys.

How long have you been writing? I have marked 11 as my “official” beginning as a writer, as that is when I began my first novel (entitled The Power Source), which remains unpublished. However, I had been writing for some time before that, and my family assert that I started much younger. If we go by that chosen landmark, however, that would be, as of this interview, 15 years. More than half my life.

When did you first know you could be a writer? Officially, when I was 11. It was a dream, and when I set a goal, which ultimately is what every dream is, I try very hard to achieve it. Of course, a writer is someone who writes, so as soon as I did that on a regular basis, I was already a writer. Becoming a published writer was an aspiration, however, but only providing I could deliver a quality book.

What inspires you to write and why? All life’s experiences and mysteries are a source of inspiration, from the most lofty to the seemingly mundane. We live stories every day, we communicate tales on a regular basis, and we use language all the time. What I read, watch, hear, and experience all feed into the inkwell.

What genre are you most comfortable writing? Fantasy, because it is such a broad genre and allows for great creativity. I also consider it the heir of mythology, addressing a real human need to seek out answers to life’s many mysteries. It is a genre that can tell an entertaining and enthralling story on the surface, and yet deliver a potent message underneath, where everything becomes a symbol of something greater.

What inspired you to write your first book? A desire to tell a good story and a love of the craft of writing, the medium of words, and a great affinity with language.

Who or what influenced your writing over the years? All of life’s experiences have influenced my writing in some manner. I don’t think there is one defining moment, but rather a series of moments, like the individual scenes of a story.

What do you consider the most challenging about writing a novel, or about writing in general? Discipline. Many people talk about wanting to write a novel, but what holds them back is a lack of discipline to follow through on that aspiration. It takes a lot of time and self-motivation to write a novel, especially with all the possible distractions we have in modern life. Staying focused and determined requires great discipline, and this is a challenge even to the most seasoned of writers.

Did writing this book teach you anything and what was it? The importance of discipline and determination in pursuing a goal.

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Genre – Fantasy

Rating – PG

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