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Sunday, January 20, 2013

#OBBigBang Orangeberry Big Bang - Hot & Forbidden by PT Macias



Updated on 28th December 2012

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What inspired you to want to become a writer? I have always dreamed of writing since I was young. I didn’t start to write back then, because I didn’t have a typewriter. Yes, that’s when dinosaurs lived, lol.

It all began with a dream. I dreamed my story over and over again. I decided to write these novels after several weeks of dreaming about all of these characters.

I started brainstorming and organizing it into outlines. I developed each character’s personalities, interests, and personal love story.

I kept on track and was able to create cohesive plots by using a calendar as a timeline.  I want to write feasible and believable stories that evolve around events that are transpiring in each cousin’s life in the same period of time. I love writing and I’m extremely happy to be achieving my dream.

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published. My most rewarding experience has been meeting all of these remarkable authors and readers.

What is your dream cast for your book? OMG, this every author’s dream, lol.

Jose Enrique De La Cruz          -  Eduardo Verastegui

Nicolas De La Cruz                   - William Levy

Ricardo De La Cruz                  -  Chris hemsworth

Alejandro Andres De la Cruz    - Francis Cura

Christian Arturo De La Cruz     – Gabriel Soto

Sebastian Antonio De La Cruz  – Aaron Diaz

Francisco Javier De La Cruz     – Chris evans

Is there a song you could list as the theme song for your book or any of your characters? Living La Vida Loca-Ricky Martin and The Way You Make Me Feel -Michael Jackson

What’s one piece of advice you would give aspiring authors? Go for it and give it your best. You will never know if you don’t try. You have to believe in yourself.

If you could choose only one time period and place to live, when and where would you live and why? England the Victorian period and  an aristocrat, lol. I would love to have met Queen Victoria, enjoy the balls, and this is also the same time period in America of the Wild West. The period is fascinating, hmmmm, maybe I will write a story in this time period, lol.

If you could be one of the Greek Gods, which would it be and why? Athena – because she’s the Greek virgin goddess of reason, intelligent activity, arts and literature. I feel it’s fitting that she’s the goddess of arts and literature.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Europe, California, or Mexico.

What is your favorite Quote? ”She rages through my blood, is etched in my alma, and fused to my corazon.” quote Ricardo Emanuel De La Cruz

When you were little, what did you want to be when you “grew up”? I always wanted to be a writer or an attorney.

How did you know you should become an author? When my new friends in my mind kept talking to me in my dreams and telling me their story.

Can you see yourself in any of your characters? A little in Patricia De la Cruz, lol.

What’s the craziest writing idea you’ve had? Well I have dreamt of some type of fairy and wizards story lines. I don’t know yet, but I have a vague story in my mind. Well, I did put the characters to sleep for now. I feel it is a little crazy idea.

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you? You have to try to see if you can do it. You will never know if you don’t try.

Hidden talent? Writing, poetry

Favorite Food? I’m a very basic eater, I like pastas and chicken.

Favorite Candy? See’s Bordeaux Bar

What movie and/or book are you looking forward to this year? Oh yeah, the S. Kenyon series that I heard was underway.

What was your favorite children’s book? Nancy Drew.

How do you react to a bad review? I try to take it as a learning experience.

Give us a glimpse into a typical day in your day starting when you wake up till you lie down again. M-F I get up, go to my day job, and then get home have dinner. I then write. On weekends I do chores and then write.

What’s your favorite season/weather? Spring and Christmas

How did you celebrate the sale of your first book? Dinner with my family

What is your guilty pleasure? Ice cream

Favorite places to travel? Mexico and Disneyland

Favorite music? Country, Latin pop, and English pop.

Hot & Forbidden

A hot-blooded saga of the De La Cruz familia and their fortunes is centered on romance, pasiĆ³n, and danger. Enjoy their explosively passionate nature.

In Hot & Forbidden, star-crossed lovers break the restraints of an impossible love. Their love rocks their world flinging them into pain, despair, and ecstasy.

Nicolas De La Cruz is hot, sensitive, and captivating. Daniella De La Cruz is hot, sexy and sweet. Nick and Daniella recognize that they’re alma gemela (soul mates). Their amor is intense and passionate transcending all boundaries.

Nicolas disappears to work in Washington. The familia is oblivious of the emotional roller coaster that rocks Nicolas’ world forcing him to depart.

Daniella is expecting and refuses to reveal who’s the father. The forbidden is enticing and painful. The obstacles and chains threaten their amor? The familia’s secret is the key to unlock their amor and to set it free. http://tiny.cc/nuh1lw

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Genre - Romance Thriller (PG13)

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Blog http://ptmacias.blogspot.com/

Website http://ptmacias.com/

Orangeberry Book of the Day - The Dragon's Wing Enigma by NS Wikarski

THE ARKANA SERIES: Archaeological Thrillers That Defy History
Volume Three – The Dragon’s Wing Enigma

Think ”Medium meets Indiana Jones in The Lost Symbol.” (Kindle Nation Daily)

Runaway Bride

Cassie Forsythe’s checkered resume never included the job of babysitter. Former college freshman, yes. Amateur relic hunter, certainly. Seer for a secret organization, absolutely. But babysitter? Not likely! Cassie is packing for the next leg of a treasure hunt to recover a legendary artifact known as the Sage Stone when trouble comes knocking at her door. Trouble takes the form of fourteen year old runaway Hannah Curtis. Hannah isn’t your average teenager. She happens to be the youngest wife of aged polygamist Abraham Metcalf. Metcalf leads the religious cult known as the Blessed Nephilim and he covets the Sage Stone for himself.

Unwelcome Guest

Hannah’s untimely arrival creates a predicament for Cassie. The Nephilim isn’t supposed to know that anyone else is hunting the Sage Stone. More than that, the cult must never discover the existence of the Arkana – the secret society for which Cassie works. The Arkana has spent centuries recovering artifacts of ancient civilizations which predate patriarchy–advanced goddess-worshipping cultures on every continent. Their archaeological troves document the lost women’s history of the world and need to be protected at all costs. Unfortunately, Hannah could lead the cult straight to the Arkana’s underground cache of relics. Cassie contacts Faye, the Arkana’s elderly leader, for help. The old woman spirits the girl away to her farmhouse in the country. Faye promises to keep Hannah out of sight so that Cassie and her teammates can resume their quest.

Tricky Trinkets

Cassie, librarian Griffin, and bodyguard Erik face a daunting task. Five sequential artifacts reveal the hiding place of the Sage Stone. The treasure hunters must not only retrieve the relics before the Nephilim, they must also substitute forgeries in place of the real artifacts to keep the cult from discovering that it has competition. Luck has been on their side so far. They’ve recovered the first artifact with their foes none the wiser. The Arkana team flies to Malta, hoping to unearth the second artifact among the ruined temples of a long-dead civilization. After a fruitless search of the archipelago, their quest leads them northward into the Basque region of Europe. Meanwhile, Abraham’s son Daniel is combing the same terrain and narrowing the gap between them.

Dragon’s Wing Dilemma

In an isolated mountaintop cave, the treasure hunters learn that the next relic can only be discovered if they “keep true to the dragon’s wing.” The clue baffles them. What does it mean? Cassie and her friends are running out of time. With Nephilim operatives closing in, will they all survive this mission? Will the cult capture Hannah and breach the defenses of the Arkana itself? Follow the dragon’s wing to learn the answers.

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Genre – Archaeology Thriller

Rating – PG13

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