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Friday, August 2, 2013

Author Interview – Lee Tidball

What book should everybody read at least once? Relevant books of the Bible.

Is there any books you really don’t enjoy? Non-fiction books on subjects that I don’t care about like cooking, business, finance, psychology, crafts, DIY, and others.

What do you hope your obituary will day about you? That I was a good and simple man who tried hard to make a good difference in the lives of those around me, especially kids.

Location and life experiences can really influence writing, tell us where you grew up and where you now live? I grew up in Iowa and Minnesota in small, suburban areas bounded by endless farmland.  Because of this, I longed for the adventure of the road trips west that my family would go on when I was young to scenic and historical places there, like the mountains, various national parks and monuments, and historical sites.  Now I live in California, which I enjoy tremendously because of the wonderful climate and the endless variety of things that can be seen and done here, but I also detest the overcrowding, the traffic, and the bad air.  It’s hard to know sometimes if the former is worth the latter.

How did you develop your writing? I am mostly self-taught (just reading and imitating good writing, using my own voice), though I took an online course in screenwriting from Screenwriting U (Professional Screenwriting Series) that gave me a great foundation in that area.


“Imagine the unimaginable.”

That was the mantra of young prodigy Hector Chevas’s mentor in architectural design, Gellini. But even Gellini couldn’t imagine the horrors that his prize student and adopted son would fill Suburbia’s new Heartland Mall with to wreak revenge on those who killed Gellini and murdered Hector’s only friends. “Black Friday” was never blacker.

But Hector couldn’t imagine that, in the middle of his deathly rampage, an “angel” from his past would re-appear into his life; wild-child Janey, whose life he’d saved years before, and who’d never forgotten her promise to “always love him…for reals.” But was that love strong enough now to learn the unimaginable truth; to call Hector’s “dead” soul back to life and resurrect him from his mad plunge into oblivion?

MALLED is a story filled with tragedy, terror, raw emotion, unspeakable horrors, and, above all, the awesome power of ferocious, undying love. Go for it. Get into it. Dare to “imagine the unimaginable.”

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Genre –  NeoGothic Horror / Thriller

Rating – R for violence & language

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