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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Samantha Barrett – The Benefits of Journaling

The Benefits of Journaling
by Samantha Barrett, ”Memoirs of a Sex Addict: a Jersey Girl Bares All”
As writers, the benefits of journaling are obvious. You will have information to add to a future story; information that over time, you may have forgotten. That makes journaling a great tool to use for work, but there are so many other ways that journaling can benefit us in our life. My book was, initially, my journal. At the time I started it, I wasn’t an author, I had no intention of publishing or even sharing it with anyone, it was my personal journal. We know there are all different types of journals. Oprah taught us about “Gratitude” journals. This was writing down, at the end of the day, all that we were grateful for from that day. What I wrote was almost the opposite of that. Ironically, this type of journaling I also learned from Oprah. As you can probably tell, if I’m not writing or journaling, I’m probably watching Oprah! In my journal I wrote thoughts that were upsetting, negative thoughts that play over and over in my mind like a recording we are unable to stop. The idea was to get these negative thoughts out of our minds and onto paper.
I was 35 years old and had finally overcome a sex addiction that I was struggling with since I was twelve years old. I didn’t need my “vices” anymore, so I was also able to stop both drinking and smoking as well; I figured that I had won; I had finally overcome all of my demons. Why then, were all of these negative thoughts still repeating over and over in my mind? The even bigger question, was why was I still punishing myself for things that had happened as far back as twenty-five years ago? I couldn’t figure it out. Then I remembered what I heard on Oprah about journaling, and I started writing. I started when the pain started, twenty-five years ago.
I couldn’t stop writing. The more I wrote, the lighter I felt, the clearer my mind became, and I began to feel a calmness coming over me. As I wrote about my self-loathing as a little girl, I felt sad for her. I fell in love with the little girl that I always hated and blamed for all of my problems. I apologized to that little girl inside me, and finally felt whole.
I realized after this awakening that I had to share this with others. I knew there were many women and men out there who were still suffering by holding on to past experiences and felt the need to let them know how, finally, they too, can let go. So journaling, which by itself was healing for me, became my book, “Memoirs of a Sex Addict: A Jersey Girl Bares All. It is non-fiction book for adults only. It is my hope that this book will prevent any other boys or girls from suffering, as I did, at such a young age.
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