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Monday, June 10, 2013

Sarah Martinez – A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Getting Published

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Getting Published

by Sarah Martinez

The image of myself as this serene woman with an enormous amount of time in which to work and improve myself has vanished. I was not alone in my illusions of grandeur–the big advance, the two years in which to write the next book, the national book tour—I hear this from a lot of people who are just starting out.

Success is no longer the stuff I can’t control. The agent signing me, the sales, whatever. It has to be, for my own sanity, putting work out into the world that I am proud of, that I think matters. This was something I had all along, but until I got to this place I would not have believed it.

From new authors to very experienced ones I’ve met, the deal seems to remain the same, they all have to sit down and do the work. And it is still work, at every stage. That never goes away, but it seems like the happiest ones are doing something for themselves, not trying to please agents, editors or bookstores, though of course that would be lovely!


Vivianna Post is the family anomaly. Daughter of a Pulitzer Prize winner and an academic, she has never quite fit her parents’ expectations as a free-spirited erotica writer.

When Vivianna encounters the award-winning author Jasper Caldwell at a nightclub, all she wants is to blame him for blowing off her brother at a writers’ conference the year before and possibly causing his suicide. But as the night—and then the weeks—wear on, Vivianna finds herself drawn to Jasper in ways she cannot understand.

When their differences—literary and sexual—threaten to pull Vivianna and Jasper apart, Jasper rediscovers Alejandro, an old friend who just might have the power to complete them both in every way.

Using quotes and references to classic erotic and literary icons, Sex and Death in the American Novel is on one level an unconventional romance and on another a discussion of the merits of erotic literature.

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Genre – Literary Erotica

Rating – X

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